Semi-lazy Sunday 


We've got some family stuff headed our way next weekend, so I have that feeling where I viciously want to cram two weekends of leisure into one.  

This -- well, this doesn't tend to work terrifically well.  However, I've managed to strike a nice balance so far this weekend - some knitting, some crap television, bill-paying, jogging, haircut - all creating a good mix of virtue and sloth.  

John is outdoing himself in the crap television watching this weekend - his usual penchant for the made-for-SciFi Channel movies resulted in "Reign of the Gargoyles" and "Stan Lee's Harpies" - truly bad stuff.  He's splitting wood at the moment, taking advantage of the lovely weather we're having this weekend (probably the last weekend until September where the heat and humidity don't conspire to make me want to open a vein every time I venture out of doors).  I'm counting my blessings that the mild weather has extended so late into June.

Having been virtuous this morning, I'm going to be spending the better part of the afternoon here:

Where i plan to spend the better part of today

Working on this:

What i plan to spend the day doing

My best friend Maria is going to have a baby in November -- which is as close as I'll probably ever get to being an aunt.  I'm more than mildly excited about the prospect of this new kiddo in the world, so this is a christening shawl of my own design.  The motifs each have special meaning, and I'm looking forward to seeing it off the needles and blocked.  I hope it ends up looking as good in person as it does in my head.  Wish me luck.

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