Er... Yes, I Would Appear to Have Knitting ADD...


...Why do you ask?

I mean it wouldn't be that I have two sweaters currently on the needles (both Bonne Marie patterns):

John's Ribby Cardi
(John's Ribby Cardi - yarn: Manos del Uruguay, resizing due to larger-gauge yarn courtesy of my local LYS and some amount of handwaving and possibly magical thinking)

Ariann - body
(An Ariann for me - yarn: Valley Yarns' "Stockbridge")

As well as a silk stole:

Current lace stole
("Shelby's Stole" kit purchased from the Yarn Barn at Stitches).

In addition to holiday knitting (not shown yet for obvious reasons), and also in addition to a sock (not pictured here - I almost always have a sock nowadays, because it's so portable. I actually got several inches of stockinette sock done as we listened to Handel's Messiah at the National Cathedral. I really need to go back there with my good camera, or better yet, bring brother Brian. It's just too beautiful. This little photo of one of the outbuildings doesn't even begin to do it justice.

National Cathedral Outbuilding

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