A Tale of Three Trees


Once upon a time, there was a prince and a princess who lived in a suburban tower. Outside the tower were two tall trees. Over time, the prince and princess realized that the trees were dying. This was a sad day for the suburban royalty, because they liked the trees, especially the one that grew up right through the deck of their tower.

They asked a few local knights about the cost for tree-slaying. Sadly, the costs were high.

Finally, they consulted a prince from a nearby kingdom. He knew of a knight who could slay trees at reasonable rates.

So the tree-slayer was employed. He brought a mighty steed:

The crane was as wide as our house...

The knight and his men and the steed did great deeds:

It's a Bird, it's a Plane.  No, it's a big mofo tree.

A large hole was created in the tower deck:

Big hole in deck, big stump.

The prince worked hard, and patched the hole:

Completed deckmending

And since it was December, the prince and princess replaced the two very large trees with a rather smaller one and had a celebration:

Tree celebration

The prince, though it was his year, decided that the lovely little tree was best served by the princess' favorite lights:

The lights

Charms were added to make the tree especially magical:

Pickle!Frank Lloyd Wright ornamentGlass ball

It was a lovely tree, with enchanted creatures snug in their walnut-beds:

The Nursery

And as it glowed, the prince and princess were happy.


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