Sunday Observation


John's obsession with weekend mornings spent watching bad science fiction (or horror) movies took a turn for the mass-market this morning: Matrix Reloaded. It just so happens that I've never seen the whole thing through. Under normal circumstances, I'd be in and out, not really watching the whole thing. As it was, I was finishing my hourglass sweater (at least the knitting part - this sweater has become famous among others on the internet for the time it takes to do the finishing. As of this afternoon: Jill 1 (neck facing), sweater 3 (sleeves and bottom hem). The good news? It fits.).

I thought the first Matrix movie was interesting and compelling - not deep, but good popcorny fun. I know I'm a lot late to the game on the sequels (or at least this one), but dang what a tedious, speechy, preachy, dumb movie.

I do think, though, that "Infinite Hugo Weavings" would be a good band name.

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